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UUA Capital Limited pays whopping royalty on the ILOCX

UUA Capital is focused on the energy sector, bridging the gap and blending the transition from fossil fuel to modern clean power. In a year plus of very fruitful activity as people focus on the shift to alternatives, UUA Capital is pleased to announce the royalty of $175.00 per ILO has been paid today.

UUA Capital has been developing a coal to clean diesel CODI Engine to help bring efficiencies in current extraction and use of fossil fuels as a means to show that efficiencies will be the driver for future energy companies.

Wind, Solar and advanced technologies are at the forefront of UUA Capital’s drive to bring clean, acceptable alternative energy as well as infrastructure and smart blueprints for commercial contracts to intelligently change the energy sector and emerge as a major player.

The ILO has proved invaluable not only from the perspective of the early adopters who bought into UUA Capital’s ILO but the value it has created now for the next push into multiple energy sectors and technologies.

“We were an early believer in the ILO as a form of funding and marketing collaboration to bring together like-minded people who want to see efficiencies and improvements in energy and in turn benefit from them, therefore, it is a great day for our company to see all those people rewarded with this royalty payment.

ILO sits alongside our business as a mechanism at the heart of what we hold strong as a mantra and a core value and those are efficiency, fairness and intelligence, we would like to thank the whole team at ILOCX who have helped us every step of the way. They are a credit to the entire ecosystem.”

– Harold Patterson, CEO of UUA Capital

UUA Capital have instructed a 100 for 1 split of the units which has already taken place. Each unit-holder for each single ILO unit will now hold 100 units and currently these are trading at $17.50 per unit. A single unit at the time of the royalty traded briefly for $1,750 per unit. An increase of $1,500 to the issue price.  

Information on UUA Capital can be found on the website, or on the ILO page

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8 Shepherd St.

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