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TeaCo Bio Supply Lists on ILOCX

July 27, 2021

ILOCX is pleased to announce the listing of TeaCo Biological Supply

TeaCo Biological Supply is a Biotechnology company specializing in Agro-Sciences.

TeaCo Biological Supply beneficial organism blends are custom formulated powders and living liquid cultures which improve plant performance, increase soil fertility, lower risk of pollution, and reduce carbon within the Earth’s atmosphere. 

TeaCo Biological Supply products offer value throughout the supply chain to our clients challenges by “Feeding the Soil” which decentralizes manufacturing and distribution of chemical inputs within the plant fertilizer and agriculture industries. TeaCo Biological Supply has restored hundreds of acres, saved thousands of trees, and improved over 15+ million square feet of farms, lawns, gardens, and plant canopy in 12+ years in the business of providing solutions for our clients.

TeaCo Biological Supply Living Liquid Cultures provide our clients with an unmatched advantage over their competitors throughout the agriculture and horticulture industries. The performance, value, cost, and scalability of the Living Liquid Cultures market is changing the way the agriculture, lawn and landscape businesses operate.

TeaCo Biological Supply “Local” Living Liquid Cultures manufacturing model capitalizes on local water resources, local mobile distribution platforms, and local sales/marketing platforms.

TeaCo Biological Supply products reduce risk, lower cost, increase yields, lower pollution side effects, reduce petroleum consumption, provide a NET + benefit to the Earth’s global environment, which initiates the positive feedback loop to strengthen local communities soil health and food security.

TeaCo Biological Supply products make food producing farmland more productive, lowering risk profiles with chemical runoff contamination. TeaCo Biological Supply products provide exceptional value and performance in arid dry soil climates which represents ⅓ of the world’s farmland. 

TeaCo Biological Supply is a pioneer of private label, distribution, sales and marketing of beneficial organisms with over 12+ years experience in the cannabis industry.

TeaCo Biological Supply has partnered with one of the most highly experienced manufacturers of beneficial organisms. Our relationship with this firm has lasted 12+ years and both firms are well positioned to scale the TeaCo brand via a worldwide distribution network.

Our manufacturing partners have over 20 years experience, employing Soil Scientists, PHD’s, Certified Agronomists, etc. Our manufacturing partners have secured legally recognized patents on beneficial organism blends.

TeaCo Biological Supply Founder and CEO Scott Abrahams has a lifetime’s worth of horticulture experience growing up working in Florida nurseries and landscape maintenance industries. Mr. Abrahams has decades of real life experience watching the pollution side effects of conventional agriculture.

“The bottomline is this; Humans can’t keep doing it the way we have been doing it for the last 100 years. The pollution, costs, risks, and overall, the yields are not sustainable to help feed an additional 1-3 billion people by 2050. The math doesn’t add up. We need to think outside the box, while keeping the concepts, principles and values aligned with our moral obligation to future generations.”

– Scott Abrahams, CEO of TeaCo Bio Supply

TeaCo Biological Supply is entering this expansion phase in a strong financial position. The company has no debt, positive cash flow, 12+ years worth of stable credibility, an existing and growing customer base. Mr. Abrahams represents the Sole Equity Member. 

TeaCo Biological Supply has partnered with a highly experienced group of business and technology professionals to develop a strategy introducing the world to the TeaCo Biological Supply brand. Our Executive team has over 150 years combined experience in sales, marketing, financial services, legal, accounting, logistics, and distribution. Our team has a very powerful and professional network of “Eco-Warriors” ready to invest, represent, advocate, and scale TeaCo Biological Supply messages and values. The world’s soil, investors, and people will benefit from this experience.

In closing, TeaCo Biological Supply believes our clients’ (and the Earth’s) challenges are our opportunities. We are not victims of this life, but creators who choose to challenge the “status quo”. It’s time to get to work. Let’s Grow Together! 

Contact information:

Scott Abrahams
CEO – TeaCo Biological Supply
[email protected]