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solvAQUA Inc. pays $2.00 royalty on the ILOCX

London, England – May 20th, 2021 – ILOCX is pleased to confirm the payment in full by solvAQUA Inc. to all current and qualified license holders on the ILOCX a first quarter royalty of $2.00 per license. 

In a remarkable first quarter listed on the ILOCX solvAQUA has managed to hit sales in excess of their annual projections and in addition have received approval from Export Development Canada (EDC) to mitigate the risk on of all solvAQUA’s international sales by insuring the revenue receivables 100%. 

The due diligence team at ILOCX can verify independently that we have seen all documentation which confirms that, as at the date of this news, $16,100,000 in contracts are covered by the EDC guarantee. solvAQUA is currently in the vetting process with EDC for an additional $4,000,000 USD in new contracts.

EDC has the financing solutions which Canadian companies need to compete in global markets, they are helping thousands of companies expand internationally. 

solvAQUA listed on the ILOCX in January this year with a $12.50 priced ILO, asking license holders to effectively become Eco Water Warriors by helping spread the word and help solve the water issues our planet is facing in the waste water management sector for agriculture, heavy industry and to clean water for re-use. In the essence of every drop of water is an ocean of opportunity, it is estimated that 80% of waste water globally is released back into the environment without treatment. solvAQUA has a proprietary environmentally effective and economic water treatment technology that is an eco-system in itself as it uses the solids removed from dirty water as the fuel to run the plant. 

These are some of the many reasons solvAQUA is winning contracts in Mexico, in the United States, Greece (The Island of Corfu), The Eastern Mediterranean and Brazil with global companies in the hospitality, mining, energy and food and beverage industries amongst other vital sectors.

As per ILOCX rules governing ILO pricing after the royalty is paid the solvAQUA ILO can go to the secondary trading platform and trade to a maximum of 10 times the royalty paid, so in this case $20.00. solvAQUA had a small allocation of around 9000 licenses available at the date of this release and will now close allocation for a period to allow license holders to sell if they wish. 

Please contact solvAQUA direct for media contacts on +1 (303) 386 7255

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