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RM AG launches on ILOCX

October 22, 2021

ILOCX is pleased to announce the listing of RememberMe

The RememberMe App unites families and friends, with the goal of innovating the social media market as we know it. With a true focus on privacy, they have set their sights on becoming the world’s largest social network.

RememberMe sets a new standard in security and privacy, and is designed to save selected memories, shared only with a limited number of close family and friends. The goal is to make these memories accessible for later generations, which is currently impossible on other social media platforms.

One of the ways RememberMe aims to achieve this is through their interactive genealogical tree, which is designed to write and document family history. RememberMe is here to give photos & videos back their nostalgic value and enable users to share them with current and future generations.

RememberMe’s motivation is to:

  • Change what social media has become. At RememberMe, real life takes place.
  • Only share selected memories with your family, therefore leaving a digital footprint for later generations.
  • Ensure complete privacy and full transparency; no third party access to personal data and unwanted exposure of your family’s precious memories.

The RememberMe app offers the opportunity to share and save private content with your family and selected friends, within a safe and private environment. It’s the place where
private content stays private.

“Making it possible to create a digital footprint within a safe environment for later generations, that is my life goal.”

– Marco Zimmermann, CEO of RememberMe

Why an Initial License Offering?
Through the sales of ILOs, RememberMe seeks to find innovative, family-focused, and privacy-minded individuals, to become part of the RememberMe family. This will help to expand their dynamic, innovative, and intelligent team. Further, the ILO provides the opportunity to increase the popularity of the RememberMe product, which in turn rises our number of users and revenue.

RememberMe is attractive to a broad demographic, and closes the gap between traditional social media and heritage sites. They have build a desirable product, proven their concept, sparked public attention, and gained investor attention – so don’t wait to participate in their offering!

Contact Information:

[email protected]