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Posted on November 30th, 2021

London, England – 30th November, 2021 – following the announcement of the joint venture between ILOCX and “The Passion Project”, the flagship product of Enlightened Media Ltd, on 4th June 2019 an Initial License Offering (“ILO”) for “The Blue Room”, the first innovative technology aligned with the Passion Project’s Social Impact initiatives, was launched on the ILO Exchange in July 2019.

Neurotech Solutions Ltd holds a licence to take the Blue Room technology of Third Eye Neurotech Ltd to market through the Passion Project’s many and far reaching connections. The rollout of the Blue Room treatment centres across England had to be delayed due to the Covid-19 pandemic, however: 

We are pleased to announce the imminent relaunch of the Blue Room on the ILO Exchange now that we can finally commence the initial opening of centres nationally through our UK health partners and, despite the setback caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, Neurotech Solutions Ltd will be paying its first royalty payment of £10 to License holders, representing a 25% return to date on the price paid for their License(s).

– Deborah White, Founder of The Passion Project

About The Blue Room:

For young people with Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD), everyday settings such as a busy classroom, shopping centre or public transport, can cause anxiety and phobias.

The Blue Room is a virtual reality treatment that provides a controlled space for young people to face these scenarios. During the treatment, trained specialists help patients through situations within a personalised virtual reality space.

About ILOCX:

ILOCX Limited owns and operates the ILO Exchange and all supporting sites in the developing ecosystem, Initial License Offerings (ILO’s) are a revenue-based structure for both raising capital and generating marketing exposure for SME’s. The ILO Exchange hosts over $300m in funding on the platform and boasts over 50,000 networkers bringing attention and marketing to its client companies. The key and singular focus of ILOCX is efficiency, using it to change the Capital Markets for a fast, fair and secure platform-based exchange hosting ILO’s for entrepreneurs globally. 

About the Passion Project:

The Passion Project is a youth service delivery project that unites integral parts of society – existing youth services, education providers, local government and employers, in order to provide sustainable support to socially disadvantaged young people.

Utilising the power of social and emotional learning, technology and innovation, the project works to equip young people with the tools for self-development and a sense of purpose in order to help them achieve.

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