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MariamTek pays first royalty of $2.00 on the ILOCX

London, England – February 22nd, 2022 – ILOCX can confirm all current and qualified license holders of MariamTek on the ILOCX have received a first year royalty of $2.00 per license.

Following an incredible first year listed on the ILOCX, MariamTek has met their annual projections and paid each license holder $2.00 for each qualified license that they hold. This has been confirmed by the due diligence team at ILOCX.

MariamTek has continued to innovate, launching Diabetes Actual in late 2021. Diabetes Actual restores metabolic wellness using proven therapies to restore insulin sensitivity. This results in decreased problems from the complications of diabetes including heart disease, stroke, neuropathy, Alzheimer’s, kidney function, erectile dysfunction and wound healing.

MariamTek first listed on the ILOCX in January 2021, with a $10.00 priced ILO. License holders directly support various biotechnology and environmental solutions, solving some of today’s most challenging issues affecting healthcare and the environment.

As per ILOCX rules, now the royalty has been paid, MariamTek can list on our secondary trading platform and trade to a maximum of 10 times the royalty paid. In this case, the price of $20.00. At the date of this release, MariamTek has a small allocation of a little over 9,900 licenses available.

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IL 60555

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