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ILOCX is pleased to announce the listing of MariamTek.

MariamTek finds profitable solutions to life’s problems in healthcare and the environment and brings them to the world market.

The MariamTek team specializes in finding innovative solutions for many of the major problems of health and habitat. We boldly address all matters that affect the health of people and the planet: from pandemics to pollution, cancer to climate change and rehabilitation to recyclables and anywhere in between. We identify platform technologies with a global applicability and bring them into the universal market. MariamTek works with key opinion leaders in business, politics and medicine in each of our regions of interest to facilitate the deployment of these breakthrough goods and services that save and enhance our lives.

MariamTek establishes critical partnerships with startup companies in the the mid to late stage of their development to expand their global footprint. MariamTek’s global connections can bring investments, regulatory help, joint ventures for manufacturing and distribution and culturally relevant marketing strategies. In many cases we prefer to be equity partners providing financial help as well as the skill set that can create and expand a presence in the global marketplace.

“At Mariamtek, we find profitable solutions to life’s problems.”

Mark Holterman, CEO

We are closing a deal to distribute synthetic plant-based 100% recyclable leather to be made into purses, handbags, wallets and “leather” accessories for the Indian market.  There is no animal product involved and no toxic chemicals. This will result in instant revenue as this new material is purchased and converted into consumer goods.

We are also advancing a deal for the distribution of an anti-viral nasal spray that kills 99.9% of COVID-19 virus and can prevent infection and viral spread. It is a natural product that is safe and effective.

Creative people are always generating new ideas that can solve the difficult issues that we face. We look at many of these innovations and chose the best ones for advancement. Think of the MariamTek team as accelerators for the delivery of these solutions.

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