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ConFlow Power Launches iLamp

The lamp is home to a range of innovative technologies, can generate revenue, and be deployed outside your home, or throughout new developments. Pre-order iLamp now, or buy the ILO for just $10.

A Super Smart Eco-Efficient Street Light

London, England, April 27th 2021

iLamp is a cost saving, environmentally friendly, revenue generating invention that offers a unique combination technology, integrating symbiotic products and services into street lamps. iLamps can be fully off grid or with on grid options as a backup when electric vehicles charging is required.

The iLamp with its own payment gateway for automatic revenue generation, runs a 360-degree high resolution camera, gunshot detection, Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR), WiFi, drone, electric bike and scooter recharging as well as weather sensors, traffic monitors all of which are revenue generating.

iLamps can be deployed in a front yard, next to a garage, in a parking lot. They can serve  small businesses and large-scale projects all the way to municipalities and government installations.

In an ambitious plan to contribute to the development of smart cities, the strategy is for distribution via a range of licensing options. Any individual can acquire the actual lamp and as well buy into Initial License Offering (ILO) and start generating revenue. Commercial purchasers can also buy licenses and install iLamps in commercial projects. 

The design, specs and financial structure of the iLamp incorporates its own ecosystem, bringing smart tech combinations, power and financial structure to make the most unique outdoor lamp. 

Automatous power will be the driver and the differentiator with iLamps bringing new levels of security, communications and eco driven revenue, while  eliminating harmful environmental costs.

New homes demand modern technology and environmental safeguards, bringing smart street lamps to residential developments adds many benefits not to mention higher values.

While mega smart city projects have struggled, mini smart communities can now be created with iLamps with an ‘ROI’ Return on Involvement. 

The ILO on the ILOCX Exchange is priced at $10.00, so the entry level is low, and with a reward that can be significant in terms of income and environment.

iLamp has also launched a pre-order feature at where one of the first intelligent lamps on the market can be reserved for a $100 refundable deposit.

Buy the ILO at

iLamp is 100% owned by ConFlow Power Group Limited, London, England.
Contact [email protected] for information on territories, contracts and partnerships.

  1. Excellente idée et magnifique design, j’adore!
    Toutes mes félicitations et bonne chance pour ce projet ambitieux.

  2. Супер идея инновации в этой сфере! Дизайн и исполнение шикарное!! Поздравления!!!

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