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Eco-Premium Packaging Pays $2.55 Royalty on the ILOCX

London, England, May 26th 2021

ILOCX is pleased to confirm the payment in full by Eco Premium Packaging to all qualified license holders on the ILOCX the annual royalty of $2.55c per license.  

Exceeding royalty expectations by .45c per license, Eco Premium Packaging is growing into a global player, tackling the plastic pollution with its biodegradable agricultural fiber (agro-fiber) alternative to plastic packaging.  

Invented by the company’s founder Mr. Satesh Balan this needed alternative to mass plastics used in hospitals and food distribution in all developed countries needs more support and deserves attention, it’s not often you can do good and make money at the same time but buying the ILO in Eco Premium Packaging is proving that it’s not only possible but it’s happening as this royalty today shows.

The company has today taken the allocation down to zero to allow buyers to sell on the secondary trading platform should they wish. As per ILOCX rules the licenses can trade to a maximum of 10x the royalty paid so in this case $25.50 representing a double in value to the initial listed price. 

According to the Plastic Pollution Coalition microplastics are the largest source of sea pollution along with fishing nets as reported in the Netflix documentary Seaspiracy, Modern food packaging provides a way to make food safe, reliable, shelf-stable and clean. Unfortunately, most food packaging is designed to be single use and is not recycled.  

Instead packaging is thrown away and often litters our waterways. Because so much food packaging (especially plastic) has ended up in waterways, the United Nations has declared the plastic pollution of oceans “a planetary crisis.” This is a problem not only for humanity, but for all aquatic life. There are other environmental impacts from food packaging as well, including to our air and soil.

Edward Fitzpatrick CEO of ILOCX said “It is time we got together and changed this and everyone can contribute, buying the ILO in Eco Premium has proved to be solid and valuable, we are arranging territorial license sales and will be directly helping them go to the next stage as we are extremely proud to have them on our platform” he added “ You can contribute to a better planet right now with a $25.00 license and tell the world to buy biodegradable and save our marine life our air and our soil.”

The company needs more funding and will be opening a new allocation at $25 in 7 days.  

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