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Eco Premium Packaging Sdn. Bhd. Malaysia, Announces a Significant Eco Contract With Jordan, the Scandinavian Oral Care Company

Jordan Green Clean (Jordan’s premium brand based in Norway), in keeping with their sustainability ideal, is committed to using packaging materials that maintain a healthy environment.

Eco Premium, the perfect partner to help carry out this foremost priority, is already manufacturing customized biodegradable and compostable toothbrush packaging destined for Jordan’s European market.

Beginning with packaging for five to seven million adult toothbrushes per year, five million children’s toothbrush packages as well as three million dental floss packaging pieces per year are planned for a follow-up roll-out.

Manufactured from  double-line Kraft paper, Eco Premium Packaging is a genuine, ecological alternative to plastic. This 100% natural biomaterial is both biodegradable and compostable.. In ambient temperature Eco Premium Packaging material will compost within seven to ten weeks, supporting the very important world-wide campaign to reduce single-use plastic pollution.

Since the demand for compostable packaging is currently  higher than the supply, Eco Premium Packaging needs to raise funds now, through the ILOCX, to expand its existing manufacturing  capacity.

Eco Premium Packaging ((EPP): Specializes in using compostable agro fiber materials to manufacture food and fruit trays, medical compliance trays and industrial packaging. Eco Premium Packaging is poised and prepared to work together with companies wanting to make healthy choices for smarter business and a greener planet.

JordanA Scandinavian company founded in Denmark, has since 1927 been committed to caring for people’s teeth combining superior functionality with stylish design.