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Drone Ready pays $0.70 royalty on the ILOCX

London, England – November 25th, 2021 – ILOCX is pleased to confirm the payment in full by Drone Ready to all current and qualified license holders on the ILOCX a first year royalty of $0.70 per license.

In a remarkable first year listed on the ILOCX, Drone Ready has managed to meet their annual projections despite complications that have arisen as a result of the global pandemic.

The due diligence team at ILOCX can confirm that Drone Ready’s projections were right on target, and each hold license holder has received $0.70 for each qualified license they hold.

Drone Ready is producing revolutionary drone technology that retrofits existing drones for use in various extreme environments, through use of their Smart Landing Guidance, Smart Relay System and Remote Data Transfer.

Drone Ready listed on the ILOCX in November 2021, with a $5.00 priced ILO. By supporting the ILO, license holders help us push for the standardisation of wireless charging technology and capture systems onto drones as they move towards commercialisation.

As per ILOCX rules governing ILO pricing, after the royalty is paid the Drone Ready ILO can go to the secondary trading platform and trade to a maximum of 10 times the royalty paid, so in this case $7.00. Drone Ready had a small allocation of around 14,000 licenses available at the date of this release, and will now close allocation for a short period to allow license holders to sell if they wish to do so.

Please contact Drone Ready directly for media contacts at: [email protected]
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PO Box 561
Suite 6203 1-5 Irish Town
Impossi House GX11 1AA

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