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ILOCX is pleased to announce the listing of Drone Ready.

Drone Ready is a cutting-edge Drone systems and accessories company, developing technology to keep drones in the air longer. 

Known for their Drone waterproofing kits, Drone Ready are pleased to introduce their latest products. An extremely Smart Drone Guidance System, and an innovative drone landing pad. By combining these hardware and software solutions, Drone Ready allows drones to land autonomously on a landing pad the size of an A3 sheet paper, in winds of up to 20mph – beating their nearest competitor twice over. Once secured to the pad, the drone will securely recharge while data is transferred and relayed.

Drone Ready has spent significant time and resources to develop a landing pad with both an electromagnetic capturing system and a physical tether. This allows Drone Ready to autonomously wirelessly charge and secure a drone.

Their innovative software breakthroughs include:

Smart Landing Guidance – Combined with their capture systems SLG allows for extremely precise landings even in harsh weather and lighting conditions. 

Smart Relay System – Massively boosts the range of existing drone control and remote view systems.

Remote Data Transfer and Relay – RDTR transfers on drone footage, and relays live view to allow for secure, fast, remote, wireless data transfer, and secure live views for operators.

Drone Ready’s wireless charging and remote guidance is retrofittable to most high end drones, allowing existing drone fleets to stay out in the field indefinitely, filling in a missing piece of the puzzle for safety, logistics, law enforcement and emergency response operations.

Drone Ready is partnering with Conflow Power Group in a joint venture to provide smart landing and guidance capabilities to their smart street light. Drone Ready benefits from Conflow’s widespread infrastructure, and the ability to directly integrate with onboard power, analytical and data transfer systems facilitating battery charging and data transfer and transmission. 

Conflow Power’s BatteryWare system will assist Drone Ready’s guidance and control systems to autonomously manage multi-drone fleets. This enables drones to respond in real time to real life situations and create efficient flight plans to cover desired survey areas. BatteryWare enables this while managing drone resources to ensure uninterrupted cover, as well as secure, live relay of data to operators.

Drone Ready commented “Conflow Power Group’s lamp is the first time we’ve seen anything with the headroom and systems in place that allowed us to effectively and easily fit Drone Ready, without the need for significant changes. Conflow Power’s modular design meant we quickly had a working prototype, with both sides talking to each other, our drones exchanging data for Conflow’s power.

Drone Ready together with the Conflow Power Group aim to remove the hassle – and wires from managing large fleets of multiple drones allowing for massive operational efficiency.”

Drone Ready are seeking $1,000,000 to begin to manufacture units for integration in the Conflow Smart Streetlight. This will include refinement of the core components to fit casing, dust and waterproofing, and refinements and further integrations to their Drone Side components. Finally, they will scale their manufacturing to allow Drone Ready to be pre-fitted to 20% of Conflow Power’s smart streetlights by 2022. Drone Ready will offer the same dust and waterproofed Drone Ready units as a kit, ready to be integrated anywhere to service the enthusiast, logistics, emergency, law enforcement and military markets. 

Drone Ready are seeking commercial contracts initially to allow remote installation for the reconnaissance and early detection and prevention of wildfires, before rolling out to the wider market with the ultimate aim of bringing drone delivery closer to reality.

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