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Cleanerblast Systems LLC pays $ 2.48c royalty on the ILOCX

London, England, May 17th 2021, ILOCX is pleased to confirm the payment in full by Cleanerblast Systems LLC to over 5,700 license holders of $2.48 per license.  

Over 5,700 people own promotional licenses in Cleanerblast Systems for its war on rust in the industrial cleaning sector. Cleanerblast makes industry more efficient as it uses less water, reduces dust and is also better for the environment, the savings and benefits are vast and furthermore, the Cleanerblast service is a vital part of the worlds engineering sector boasting customers like Shell Oil, Honeywell, Exon Mobile, Chevron, United Rentals and many more. 

Cleanerblast has been building its business with ILOCX for the past 2 years, today’s royalty sees the company go into a new level of success. 

The Initial license offering was selling for $10.00 on the ILOCX platform until today when allocation was closed.  Many people bought multiple licenses bringing in much needed funding for Cleanerblast and allowing an expansion of their business to the point where a royalty of $2.48 per $10.00 license can be paid. 

Under the ILOCX rules Cleanerblast licenses can now be bought or sold on the secondary platform for up to $24.80c being a maximum of 10 times the royalty paid.

The company may re-open allocation up to the maximum licenses approved at the outset of the listing at $24.80 but has not chosen to at this time. Cleanerblast had 31,000 licenses available up to today and now with no allocation offered, any license holders wishing to sell can do so.

Todd Olson, CEO at Cleanerblast Systems LLC said “The best part of the ILO is license holders telling thousands of people about the important work we do.  We appreciate we are not a high-tech company which often creates attention but a company that makes a difference in areas such as global infrastructure that affects everyone.  The whole team at Cleanerblast would like to thank all of the CBS license holders for the support and goodwill you have all spread alongside the core marketing team at ILOCX who have been fantastic.  Both the license holders and the ILOCX team have been extremely supportive and positive through these tough economic times.  The ILOCX team is leading the way in helping companies such as CBS grow with the ILOCX platform.”


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