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CleanerBlast™️ Systems Announces Exclusive Alliance with USA DeBusk



CleanerBlast™️ Systems Announces Exclusive Alliance with USA DeBusk

[Gonzales, LA, April 28, 2021] – CleanerBlast™️ Systems (“CleanerBlast”, “CBS” or the “Company”) is pleased to announce today that the Company has entered a strategic exclusive alliance with USA DeBusk (“USAD”).

CleanerBlast and USAD will expand the existing technology and discover untapped industrial cleaning solutions centered around wet abrasive blasting technologies that are safer, cost reducing, and sustainable solutions for tank farms, refineries, power plants, utilities, petrochemical plants, chemical plants and other facilities.

CleanerBlast’s Chief Technology Officer, Jerry Fenley, said, “USA DeBusk is the perfect company to work with to pioneer, perfect and deliver solution-oriented results to the market. With USA DeBusk driving these services, we will see a wide-scale shift in how industrial cleaning is performed.”

USAD acquired CleanerBlast’s existing operational fleet of wet abrasive blasting equipment and will expand the USAD wet abrasive blasting division nationwide. In addition, CBS key personnel will work side-by-side with USAD’s sales and service forces going forward in providing expert training, in-field support, and further advancements through R&D.

Combining USA DeBusk best-in-class services team and innovative solutions with CleanerBlast’s latest equipment advances is an obvious and natural fit. Todd Olson, President of CleanerBlast, said, “When deciding who we wanted to work with to bring our equipment to the market, we wanted to find someone who believed in the technology, had the geographic reach to rapidly deploy our technology, and had a proven track record of bringing other disruptive technologies to market. With USA DeBusk, we found a leader in all three. We have been working together for two years now. I have come to admire the organization, starting with its leadership. This is an alliance built on trust and a mutual passion for serving our customers and industry better through creative innovation. I am excited about moving forward into this next phase.”

Mr. Fenley adds, “USA DeBusk was the first industrial services company to successfully implement wet abrasive cleaning technologies throughout key segments of industrial facilities nationwide. The reason is obvious. USA DeBusk is a leader in providing innovative solutions, and that approach aligns perfectly with what we have been doing with Wet Abrasive Blasting at CleanerBlast™️ Systems. And the best part is that we are just getting started. This alliance with USAD accelerates the future development of our equipment. The impossible is now possible.”

About CleanerBlast™️ Systems
CleanerBlast™️ Systems, a Wirx Group Company, produces the highest quality, most reliable and most efficient vapor abrasive blast machines on the market today. Our mission is to revolutionize archaic methods of surface cleaning by continually delivering cutting edge, safe and sustainable machines, methods and materials that produce cleaner surfaces.

About USA DeBusk
USA DeBusk is a nationally recognized industrial services company focused on providing high value specialty and traditional industrial cleaning services to a diverse base of blue-chip customers. Through its differentiated offering, USAD services refineries, petrochemical plants, midstream processing plants, power plants, mining operations and other large industrial infrastructure facilities which operate throughout North America.

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