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COVID-19 has us seeing the inside of our homes now more than ever before, but there are still plenty of opportunities to make money. Thanks to our increasingly digital based world, and ever more companies embracing the internet, there has maybe never been a better time to get started making money from home, using only your computer, or mobile phone.

Given the current markets, the first thing many people will think of will undoubtably be investing using one of the many trading platforms out there, such as Robinhood or eToro, but you can only support large companies here, and once you’ve bought shares, there’s nothing you can do to help increase their value.

If you’re looking for some great alternatives, read on to find out which one works for you!

Crowdfunding: A Growing Alternative to Trading Platforms

A popular alternative for companies and buyers is crowdfunding platforms. Crowdfunding campaigns have been used successfully by a wide range of individuals, startups and small companies, and continue to have a strong presence through 2020.

As the name suggests, your campaign is funded by a group of people collectively pooling their finances to help you reach a goal. Sites like KickStarter and GoFundMe are perfect for individual needs, whereas other platforms like WeFunder are geared towards small companies who are prepared to give away equity in return for capital.

CrowdFunding has it’s own set of problems, on some sites like KickStarter, you can never be sure you’ll get your product, and if you don’t, you can’t expect your money back. On equity crowdfunding platforms you run into the same problems as trading platforms, once you’ve bought shares, there’s nothing you can do to help increase their value and you’re at the mercy of speculative buyers.

ILOCX: A New Movement for Making Money

If there was ever a reason to switch from traditional equity based funding, it’s ILOCX. This platform is giving people like you the market of tomorrow, right now.

ILOCX is a platform that specialises in Initial Licence Offerings, or ILOs, a new type of fundraising opportunity that works similarly to crowdfunding. The big difference is that buyers are rewarded for supporting the companies they champion.

You back companies you believe in by purchasing a license. When that company makes sales, you receive a part of those in the form of a royalty. In return, you spread the good word about the company, to help them make those sales, directly influencing the companies performance and sales. That sounds great by its self, help the company make sales, and receive a slice of those sales, but on top of that, as the company pays royalties, the licenses themselves become more valuable, and as people buy and sell them on the secondary market, providing the company is doing well, the price will increase. You therefore make money on both the royalties and the license you hold.

Licenses start from as little as $9.50, and the buyer can choose if they want to sell them or keep them so they can continue to grow in value.

Try ILOCX Today

Check out to learn more about us, and be sure to buy a license to begin building your wealth. We’ll see you at the finish line.