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Activate Biophysics Corp. Launches on ILOCX

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada – May 5, 2021 – Activate Biophysics Corp. (“Activate”) is pleased to announce it has partnered up with the ILOCX and is eager to launch its ILO offering on their platform. Activate has signed a licensing agreement with ILOCX for the purpose of offering 100,000 licenses priced at US$10.00 each with a 12% royalty payable in the first year. Through the ILO offering Activate intends to further capitalize the company for product sales and further research and development.

In addition to the funding for product sales and for research and development for new products, Activate views the offering as an opportunity to establish a connection with people who are like-minded and want to participate in the growth of the company. Activate relies upon online sales of its products for revenue, but is always looking for other viable business options to commercialize its products and generate additional revenue, whether through development of new products or through distribution agreements.

Activate is a cutting-edge technology company that develops, manufactures, and sells uniquely formulated natural health products, including several immunity booster products, which are all based in the science of biophysics and cell signaling. Activate’s goal is to promote optimal health through the use of its products.

Known for our activity and sports supplements containing succinate and other key metabolites, Activate is excited to be introducing its new line of PRE-Immunity products.

PRE-Immunity is an immunity booster developed by Activate for the purpose of maintaining your immune system at an optimal level. PRE-Immunity is based on Activate’s cutting-edge technology.

The innovation of Activate’s unique products can be attributed to:

  1. Biophysics: This is the study of how biological processes engage, communicate, work, and adapt together – especially important when under stress.  For instance, when operating optimally, your immune system is quick, adaptive and powerful to engage in its function to vanquish challenges.  
  1. Succinate: Succinate is a naturally occurring metabolite found in the body.  It is the most powerful of all energy production metabolites and uniquely provides signalling functions to cells and to the brain when stress occurs.  As a result, succinate is fast becoming recognized as the most functional substrate in human health.  Our team is one of the leaders in this field of study, and, as a result, Activate highlights succinate as a key ingredient in all its products.  
  1. Cell Signaling: Cells communicate between each other and coordinate with our brain to provide constant surveillance against challenges.  Our own research uniquely confirms that for a signal to be effective, it is critical that the signal be of the proper strength and duration; and only a natural trigger is capable of this. When we are younger, this coordinated signalling to action occurs quickly, but as we age signalling engages more slowly meaning our immune system is slower to respond.  Natural succinate supplements support rapid and coordinated signalling engagement to optimize our health in multiple ways regardless of age.

“We started out by creating these products for ourselves, our friends and our families. Now we are excited to offer our customers an expanding line of highly effective and safe products to support human health, homeostasis, and immunity.”

– Paul Leonard, CEO for Activate

Activate’s mission is to develop, manufacture, and market non-toxic, highly effective dietary supplements and non-toxic interventions throughout the world.  Our vision is to become the world’s primary supplier of biophysics-based dietary supplements. Activate was formed to bring these products to market in North America, the EU and Asia.  And since March 2019, Activate’s mission statement has been restated to include a vision of developing an immunity booster that is worthy of our product label and will help you get healthy and stay healthy.

Activate continues to collaborate with prominent medical research and development institutes, including the world-renowned Institute for Theoretical and Experimental Biophysics, to provide our customers with the most effective products possible.

In accordance with our mission statement, Activate is currently developing a pipeline of additional non-toxic and highly effective products and supplements to help provide our customers (and ourselves) with optimum health, with a current focus on immunity boosters.

ILOCX is the Initial License Offering Contract Exchange, a platform where innovative companies can list License Offerings. Buyers of these licenses agree to participate in the company’s growth by promoting the company and its products on social media.

ILOs are licensing contracts that require the Buyer to promote the company’s approved information to a wide audience for the purposes of perpetuating sales. This system drives sales and revenue and then rewards it on both sides. Each Buyer gets a percentage of the company’s gross revenue, similar to a commission, for their promoting activity. This lasts for a 3-year term after which the company elects to either roll the license again, buy it back, or convert it to equity in the case of a stock market listing.

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